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Five Fun Facts About Peach Wedding Films


Prior to launching Peach Wedding Films, we worked with a wide range of film clients, from local businesses to global corporate brands and sports teams to candidates running for office. We believe our diverse film background gives us a fresh eye and creative edge when filming each couple's unique celebration of love.


Inspired by our own wedding day, we launched Peach Wedding Films shortly after we got married in Vail, Colorado in 2016. We were already filmmakers, but it took us falling in love with our own wedding day to want to start our own wedding film company.


In 2019, we filmed five weddings for free for Denver Public School teachers that went on strike for better pay and educating conditions.


Our most unique wedding venue so far has been the Colorado State Capitol. We had the honor of filming the wedding of the first openly transgender state legislator elected in Colorado, Brianna Titone.


We met in England at graduate school at the University of Oxford-- it's where our own love story began as we discovered we shared a passion for learning, justice, walks, tea, sports, and pints. It's why we are suckers for any film or TV show based in England, especially Oxford.

Your dream wedding video.

Filmed in a professional and empathetic way.


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molly at peachweddingfilms.com

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia.